A measure of our clients’ satisfaction is that every client Magnet Automation has had until today has been a source of repeat business.  Here is why our clients use Magnet Automation.


  • Medical Industry: We have worked with a number of clients from the medical device industry, ranging from small startups to multi-million-dollar public companies.  Our background with developing software for this highly regulated industry has ensured that our software conforms to the highest quality and reliability standards.  We are familiar with quality control systems and have spent many hours writing and executing test plans, requirements specifications, V&V protocols and reports, and traceability matrices.
  • Technical: We have over 10 years of experience creating automated systems using LabVIEW, TestStand, MatLab, C, and Excel.  We have interfaced with a variety of hardware devices (oscilloscopes, signal analysers, function generators, wafer probes, power supplies, and many custom devices) using a variety of protocols (Ethernet, GPIB, USB, IVI, VISA, RS232/485, and many custom protocols).
  • Multidisciplinary: Developing automated systems has given us experience working with many people with diverse skills.  We are very comfortable learning from and communicating with technicians, electrical engineers, medical doctors, clinical trial coordinators, chemists, scientists, manufacturing engineers, and UX designers.


Magnet Automation is a National Instruments Alliance Partner.  For more information on the National Instruments Alliance Partner program, please visit www.ni.com/alliance.

Magnet Automation was founded by Sudhir Gopinath, who first started using LabVIEW to control autonomous vehicles while pursuing a graduate degree in mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech.  Sudhir is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, a Certified TestStand Developer, and a Certified Professional Instructor.  For more information on certification programs, please visit www.ni.com/training/certification.


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